My coding diary intends to be a blog about programming. It’s not the first time I try to keep alive a blog on this topic but, truth be told, almost every time it ended up being just a bunch of HOW TO guides, much closer to system administration than to coding. This is definitely not the purpose of this blog.

What about me as a developer? I discovered BASIC when I was a kid. I started coding very random stuff like filling the terminal with colors, playing weird frequencies with the PC’s internal speaker or modifying games like Nibbles and Gorillas in Qbasic. Later I started learning C (my first IDE was Turbo-C) and I remember developing a very simple text adventure. Unfortunately I don’t keep any source code from those years. I’d love to have any in my GitHub account nowadays.

In the following years I learned Java and C++ in college but the truth is I’ve never coded again using those two languages since those years, so the only thing I keep from this experience is the knowledge of object-oriented paradigm. I guess that was precisely the main point, so it’s not that bad. I focused my professional career in web development so nowadays I mostly do Javascript, HTML and CSS. I know Javascript has not the best reputation among programmers but it’s still one of the most popular languages today, and I must confess I love it.

Now, I plan to learn Python because the only back end language in which I have a broad experience is PHP and I’d love to expand my knowledge there. I’ll let you know about my progress in this diary too…

Let’s code!